Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Soccer

In case you weren't aware, Germans love their fußball. Actually all Europeans do. Fußball, or soccer, is as popular here as football is in the States. By the way, the funny looking B sounds like 'ss' and the word literally means football. But you knew that. I'm also sure you're aware that the World Cup games have started.

I was in Schweinfurt this past weekend with hubby. He had to work so Peanut and I explored the altestadt on our own. We came back yesterday evening, arriving just in time for the game between Germany and Australia. Our neighbors that live behind us set up their garage on the nights that Germany plays.

Big screen TV, beer, snacks. All the men congregate there and watch the game. So, once we unload the car, hubby heads over. I was at home because 1) it was a man thing and 2) I had work to do. But I could tell when the game was over.

Cars honking their horns through town, people yelling in the neighborhood. I'm sure that if anyone had them, firecrackers would have been going off. Yes, Germany won. 4-0.

It was neat to see (hear) because Germans are generally stoic and don't really show much emotion.

As I understand it, right now the teams are playing for points to determine their standing or something. You can tell I'm not a sports fan. So, the next time Germany plays is Friday afternoon. Hopefully I'll hear cheering again. And if I know my neighbor upstairs who always "knows a guy", I won't be surprised to hear firecrackers the next time they win.


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Riley,
Can't say I share your joy regarding the soccer. I'm an Aussie and Germany really flogged us. Better luck next time for us I guess.
Cheers (or should that be tears?)


Kate Pearce said...

yup-they are in the group stage in the moment-all 4 teams play each other, top two progress, which should be no trouble for Germany :)Being from England I love a good game of football :)

Riley Quinn said...

Sorry for the thrashing, Margaret. Good luck on the next game.

Kate, England played the US on Saturday, right? We watched a bit of it. I think they tied?

Rachel Lynne said...

LOL Riley, I share your lack of enthusiasm for sports, although I will confess that a couple of years ago, when we lived in Atlanta, I shouted myself hoarse for the Bravos on numerous occasions!
See ya soon, Can't wait for July!

Gale Stanley said...

I'm not much for sports either but my granddaughter and grandson both play soccer so I've become a fan - of the little guys anyway. They're really into it and they want to see some professional games so I guess there will be more soccer in my future.

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