Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Stretch

Well, I'm in the home stretch. Regarding school, that is. I know I've mentioned I was heading back to school. Before this summer, I lacked 3 classes to fulfill the requirements for my degree.

I signed up for 2 this summer and as I posted a couple of weeks ago, I'd received my final grade for the philosophy class. My computer class ends July 2 so that's almost finished.

I took my midterm a week or so ago, a couple of days before the suggested due date. So I'm in the home stretch. 7 more lessons with their quizzes and the final. Actually, I almost have the next study guide filled out. Somehow, one page didn't print so I have to go back over those questions but then I'm ready for the quiz.

I work the part time job today and tomorrow. I close the shop both days and am usually left by myself from about 3:30 or 4 on. Usually, the shop is quiet. So I make good use of the time. If I have all my work in the shop caught up, I work on my study guides. For my goals this week, I aim to finish at least 2 lessons but I'm actually going for more. I'm hoping 3.

I'm hoping the last class I need is offered in the fall. If so, I can apply for graduation for Christmas. Then to continue on.

Between my school work and getting Out of the Shadows ready for edits, that's been my main focus lately. How about you? What are you working on? Are you in the home stretch?


Gale Stanley said...

A Christmas graduation - what a great present. Getting your degree is a huge accomplishment and no easy task. When I worked full time I took classes at night for my Associate's. I always meant to get my Bachelor's but never got around to it. My memory being what it is today, I fear it's too late. lol

Caroline Clemmons said...


Congratulations on accomplishing your goals. Good luck with the last class. And good luck with Out of the Shadows.

Rachel Lynne said...

Great job, Riley! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to graduate in December.
I'm looking forward to reading Out of the Shadows ... when are you going to send some pages my way? :)
I'm not even close to the home stretch on anything! Galleys to proof and a plot to nail down; hopefully once I start writing it will go as smoothly as Ring of Lies!

Maeve said...

Congratulations, Riley on completing your goals. I'm waiting to proof galleys, started a new WIP, and I'm shopping around two finished manuscripts. I'm trapped in chase my tail mode and can't get out but it's great to be busy. :)

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