Monday, October 4, 2010


I was missing in action most of last week. Sorry about that. My father-in-law flew in on Monday and we spent the week running around Germany, trying to fit as much in as possible. He left Friday morning so it was a short visit.

The upside to that is that I’ve got some great pictures and fun stuff to share with you this week. I hope the lapse was worth it. We visited Rothenburg, which has quickly become one of my favorite cities here. I already have plans to make several more trips there. We visited the Pottenstein castle. We also visited a few others, but they closed before we could get there so I only got pictures of the outside.

I’ve also got a story about a German game/variety show that we watched on Saturday. The Kirwa here in Speichersdorf is this weekend, so I’ll have that to share with you next week.

On the downside, I received a lovely note from Emmanuelle Morgen, passing on my manuscript. It was disappointing, but she was very nice. She couldn’t connect with it to ask for more, but pointed out that other agents may not feel the same. On the upside of that, I can now apply for PRO status within RWA.

At this point, I’m going to shelf Out of the Shadows and let it sit for a while. Then I’ll go back with fresh eyes and do another revision pass and another pass through the critique partners. THEN I’ll start querying in earnest.

I just love the characters, the book and the series too much to take the chance on sending out to a gaggle of agents without taking this time.

So how was your week? Your weekend? What’s on the agenda for this week?


Gale Stanley said...

Missed you last week, I wasn't around too much myself. I was at the beach, enjoying some really great weather and I lost my connection for a few days. It's great to be back. Sorry about the news from the agent but there are many other agents out there. I think step back and revise is always a good thing. I do the same before I send a ms out. Thanks again for the book!

Riley Quinn said...

Is it still warm there? It's been in the 50s and 60s for the past 6 weeks or so. The leaves are gorgeous though.

Thanks for stopping by.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Fall is finally in North Central Texas. I envy your ability to travel throughout Germany and surrounding countries. We especially love Munich and the area around Lake Constance, including the island of Main (that may be misspelled).

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