Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rothenburg - Schneeballen

Schneeballen means snow balls in German. These yummy treats are a local favorite in Rothenburg.

Apparently back in the day, the people here came up with this ingenious way of using up excess dough before it went bad. Nowadays, it’s a tasty treat that every tourist tries while they’re here. They’ve also devised many yummilicious toppings to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

Of course, I had to try one. Before I did, though, the man at the shop we stopped at was nice enough to make them slowly so I could photograph each step.

He started by rolling the dough flat and then using a cutter that cut the dough into strips, leaving it attached at both ends.

Then he lifted the dough and kind of shook it out a bit.

He packed it into a metal ball full of holes and dropped it into a vat of oil.

Once fried, he opened the ball and deposited it on the table. At that point, it went through the process of being covered by various toppings, although we didn’t get to see that part. We did get to taste the finished product, however.

Behold, the caramel goodie that I chose.

It was crunchier than I expected. I thought it would be more like a funnel cake, but I was wrong. It was good, though. Definitely not something you could eat on a regular basis, especially if you’re watching your calorie intake.

Hubby chose a chocolate-covered ball.

They make them in all sizes and flavors, so you need to head over to check them out.

Ever had one of these? Want to? Maybe I’ll pick some up for a blog giveaway the next time I’m there.

Remember to stop by tomorrow. I’ve got a special guest joining us.


Gale Stanley said...

OMG! I want one of those chocolate confections. I feel the calories packing on just looking at it. Yum!

RL said...

Yum! It is very mean of you to post pics of something I cannot run out and buy! Though, thank goodness I can't because I'm sure I'd also need to buy new, and larger, pants!!
That being said, I'm thinking I could make those ... is the dough just regular pie crust scraps or is it sweetened pastry type dough?

Riley Quinn said...

They are oh-so good, but yeah, occasional treat.

RL, I believe that it is just regular pie crust-like dough. The sweetness came from the toppings. Let me know if you make one!

Beth Caudill said...

That sounds so good. yummy

Emma Lai said...

Someone needs to import those tantalizing treats into the U.S.

Tom Weber said...

I was watching the PBS travel show GLOBE TREKKER this week - they went to Rothenberg and got some Schneeballen, then a bunch of Japanese Tourists scarfed up most of them. Pretty cool, never heard of this before but I definitely want to try to find out more and make these.

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