Monday, September 27, 2010

Pretzels with...mustard?

Yes, apparently Germans don’t eat mustard on their pretzels.

I found this out on Saturday night. We’d gone to a mini-Oktoberfest in the small town of Eschenbach, not far from where we live. Another American couple had gone with us.

My friend asked for a pretzel and asked for mustard to go with it. Now, those of you from the States know this is not uncommon there. Here, it’s another story. The exchange went something like this:

Friend: Can I get a pretzel with mustard?

Waitress: Mustard? Really?

Friend nods yes.

Waitress: Really?

After another nod, waitress leaves and comes back with pretzel. As she hands over the bottle of mustard, she asks again, “Mustard? Really?”

It was an interesting reaction, and amusing. On Sunday while upstairs visiting with the neighbors, I asked them. As soon as I mentioned pretzels with mustard, his nose scrunched up. He said, “Mustard is only for wurst.”

Another cultural difference between Americans and Germans.

I have some good news from last week. On Friday on the FF&P blog, Megan Records from Kensington Books was accepting pitches for paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I had just revised my query letter so I had a pitch. I thought, “Why not?”

So I pitched. And I got a request for a partial, which consists of a synopsis and the first three chapters.

What about you? What news did you have last week, good or bad?


Rachel Lynne said...

Yay Riley!! Girl you are on a roll!!
No good news to report ... still trying to keep the ordinary life under control so the writing can take precedence. You have inspired me however, I'm going to post some of my diet friendly recipes on Not So Fat Tuesdays :)

Tonya Callihan said...

I don't think I could eat a pretzel without that's an odd concept to me:)

Congrats on your request. Wish you the best of luck:)

Riley Quinn said...

Thanks Rachel. Can't wait to see the recipes you come up with.

Tonya, I'm with you. We actually got my neighbor to try it. I don't think she was impressed. Oh well. To each their own.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

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