Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rothenburg - The Wall

Last Monday, we picked my father-in-law up at the Frankfurt airport and headed straight for Rothenburg. It was a city that both hubby and I had wanted to visit, but hadn’t made it to yet. This was the perfect opportunity.

Rothenburg is a beautifully preserved medieval city. In the Middle Ages, it was the second-largest city in Germany.

During World War II, it was proclaimed to be “the most German of German towns” and German soldiers were sent to defend it. Bombs were dropped over Rothenburg in 1945, destroying 9 watchtowers and 2000 feet of the wall. The American army was ordered to not use artillery in taking the town. The German military commander gave up the town in order to preserve it, saving it from total destruction. After the war, the residents repaired the bombing damage.

The wall that surrounds the city is amazing. Donations from all over the world pour in to help maintain it and the names of those who donate are immortalized on the wall itself.

We walked part of the 1.4 km wall. Every 25 km or so, there was a cut-out. The cut-outs were just large enough for an archer to poke his bow (or gun) through when defending the city against enemies.

There were also smaller crevices in the wall that I’m guessing were used to hold candles during medieval times.

Looking out over the city from the wall was incredible. I could easily imagine those in Middle Ages looking out over their friends and neighbors, keeping watch while they slept.

I’m not a fan of historical romance, but I’ll admit that story ideas were flying as I walked the wall. Perhaps a fantasy set in a medieval-like setting or maybe even a time travel story. I took lots of pictures in case I decide to go ahead with one or both of those ideas.

Of course, another trip back wouldn’t be amiss, either. I foresee several trips back in my future.

The Rothenburg wall is our first stop. I’ve got more for you later this week so stop back.

Have you ever been to Rothenburg? Do you like medieval settings in books? What do you think so far?


Gale Stanley said...

Good stuff! I haven't been to Germany but I've visited old castles and churches in England and Wales. The sense of history when you walk thro these place is amazing. We'll never have that in the states. We tear everything down.

Riley Quinn said...

True. It's amazing to me the effort some took during WWII to keep as much as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.L. Parker said...

I will definitely have to stop by and keep up on your journey. Thanks for sharing, loved it.

RL said...

Oh Riley, I'm so envious!! What an amazing place and incredible that they took such precautions during a war, shows people have some sense even in the midst of the most nonsensical events :)
I love Historicals though medieval aren't my favorite. With your knack for paranormal you could use that setting for a fabulous story, Go for it!!

Riley Quinn said...

Please do, P.L. I love sharing these places with everyone.

LOL, RL. Usually the historicals that I DO like are set in medieval times or farther back. I think I just don't care for that whole London society that most are set in. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm sure I'll come up with an idea or two soon.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Lilly Gayle said...

I've never been to Rothenburg but would love to go next time I visit my daughter. She and her husband live in Eschenbach. Lovely post and pictures.

Anonymous said...

We used to live in Bavaria. I miss it so much! Rothenburg was one of my favorite places to visit. Did you go on the Nighwatchman's tour? Highly recommend it! Thank you so much for posting the pictures :) I'm so jealous, hoping to make it back there one day.
T. Russell

Riley Quinn said...

Lilly, I live very close to Eschenbach. Drive through it on my way to post. Wow, small world.

T. Russell, where did you live in Bavaria? Didn't make the Nightwatchman's tour this time. It was quite cold that night and we didn't have heavy jackets. It's definitely on the list of things to do there.

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