Thursday, October 14, 2010

A German Kirwa

A Kirwa (pronounced keer-va) is a local festival, usually in the fall. Each region has their own customs and traditions. Speichersdorf had their Kirwa last weekend. On Sunday, we walked down to the Landgasthof Imhof, a local restaurant. All the fun started there. On the previous Wednesday, the ‘grave’ of the Kirwa was put out.

This will stay out all week and was just taken down yesterday.

We started off with a parade. Two young girls (twins) pulled the cart, followed by a band playing traditional Bavarian music.

Then came the young couples. Each couple followed behind, the men carrying a krug of…you guessed it, beer.

The parade went around a loop in town and stopped in a clearing. Once there, the young couples formed a circle and the men put their krugs in the center of the circle.

Then they danced.

After a few dances, the men would take a drink and head back to their ladies for more dancing. Then they headed out and continued their parade.

They made a total of 3 stops, the last one ending where it all began, in the parking lot of the restaurant. They danced some more and then they formed a half circle. Here, the men took turns saying little poems of the happenings in the town over the past year. After each man spoke, the band would play.

After every man had said what they wanted to say, the entire procession posed for pictures.

Afterwards, it was time to move inside for…you guessed it, a beer.


Suzanne said...

Ah, that looks like such fun! It reminds me of a German version of the New Orleans second-line parades. Which also stop frequently for, you guessed it, beer!

Riley Quinn said...

LOL, Suzanne. Gotta love a parade that involves beer. Is there a certain time of year they do those parades in New Orleans?

Gale Stanley said...

Good post. Your pics are always great, I feel like I was there.

Riley Quinn said...

Thanks Gale. I actually forgot my camera, but luckily I had my cell phone. Couldn't zoom in like I wanted but not too bad.

Lisbeth Eng said...

Cool, Riley! I love Germany, especially Bavaria.


Caroline Clemmons said...

Riley, I envy you getting to live in Germany for a few years. I love Bavaria. Of course, I would only want to be there a couple of years, but it would be a nice experience. My husband and I tried to get a post there a few years ago when our kids were small, but it didn't work out. Now our kids are grown.

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