Monday, May 31, 2010

Zoigl Bier

Saturday night, we got another taste of Germany that not every tourist gets when they visit. Zoigl bier.

Zoigl bier is brewed in two small towns here in the area where I live. It's brewed by communal brewers so it's also called Communbier.

Zoigl is a beer style going back to the times when brewing rights were granted to individuals living in a defined area of town. They place a sign outside the gasthaus, a star often called the Star of David, when the Zoigl bier is ready.

It is only available when this star is out, but oh what a party it is. My neighbors organized this outing. It was our upstairs neighbors, our next door neighbors and then a couple of American friends of mine from post. We hired a taxi for the 30 minute ride each way so that we could all imbibe.

It's called a bottom-filtered beer. Personally, I don't really know what the difference is, but I'm always up for a party. The place we went was a converted house and we were sitting in the garage. They also serve great snacks. I had the cheese plate for dinner. In the middle of the plate was sauer käse or sour cheese. It was actually cheese that was marinated in vinegar and onions. It was pretty tasty.

 They also made fresh pretzels in the same star shape as their signs, but I forgot to get a picture of that. Oops. It was too good and we tore into it right away. We had a good time talking, laughing, eating and drinking Zoigl bier.

As I said before, not many tourists get to experience this side of Germany. Not unless they know about it and can find the small taverns that serve it. I feel lucky, once again, that our German neighbors have taken us under their wing, befriended us and include us in these jaunts around the area. I can honestly say that when my time here is over, I will have experienced Germany as most Americans have not.

Oh, an aside. Armin, my neighbor upstairs told my friend Sabrina that though he had an accent when he spoke English, I've been learning a lot of German and when I speak it, I have no accent. I sound like a German. Cool, huh?

So, who's coming over to visit this summer to try the Zoigl bier?


Lilly Gayle said...

I would LOVE to come visit! My daughter is married to a soldier and they are stationed at Graf. We went to visit in Aug 08 and had the time of our lives. While there, we attended Folksvest on post and Eschenbach's 650th anniversary celebration. What an experience. I didn't get to try Zoigl beir but I did get to drink icebeirvien, Heidlebeirvien, and Klumbacher beir. Yum! Can't wait to go back. I adore Germany.

Riley Quinn said...

Lilly, that's where we live! Well, a little town outside of Graf. Let me know if you make it back over here before they leave.

Delilah Devlin said...

How fun! I can attest to the fact that Germany can be a lot of fun if you're willing to learn the language and meet the locals. Never could understand Americans who lived in Germany but only had American friends.

Maeve said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

Rachel Lynne said...

I would love to visit, sigh ... not gonna happen this year.
Can't wait to see you at Nationals though!

Penny Rader said...

I've never been to Germany, but it sounds like great fun!

Suzanne said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've been to Munich a couple of times--my only foray into Germany, unfortunately, but I loved it. I remember ordering a "bier" somewhere and it came out in what I swear was a gallon-sized stein. I almost fell out of my chair!

Gale Stanley said...

My hubby is quite the beer drinker and would love to try for sure. The cheese with onions and vinegar sounds delish. You are so lucky to experience Germany as a local and not a tourist.

Mary Ricksen said...

My DH makes his own beer. So he would love to try it!

katsrus said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Never been to Germany. Always wanted to see it.Somewhere way back my family came over here from Germany. Some day I should look that up on those ancestrial(spelling??) sites.
Sue B

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