Friday, May 28, 2010


Today is hubby's birthday. It's the big 4-0. It's funny how we react when we reach a certain age.

I remember when hubby turned 30. He had such a hard time adjusting to it. Me, it's a number. I still think I look pretty good for my age. Some people have mentioned I look younger. Okay, I'll take it. But I'm not particularly upset by getting older.

I wonder if it's because people start thinking of things they want to do and see their time ticking away, faster and faster. Perhaps that's why getting older doesn't bother me so much. I'm doing the things that I love to do. I'm married to a wonderful and supportive husband that I love, I have my puppy, I have an awesome family that has always supported and loved me, I'm pursuing a writing career and I'm working on my college degree (finally). Of course, there are other, smaller things I'd like to accomplish but I have time and if I run out of that commodity, the big picture is pretty rosy that I'm not going to shed any tears.

Last week was my puppy's birthday, as far as we know. She just turned 4. We got her from the humane society in Brownwood, TX and were told that the litter of pups was left with a note saying the mother had died the previous day giving birth.

I found her picture on and convinced my husband to go "look" at her. As soon as I saw her, I had this feeling deep inside that she was meant to be a part of our family. Hubby knew that if we went to "look" at her, we were bringing her home with us. Oh, yeah, did I mention that Brownwood was about 100 miles from where we lived? Yeah, she was coming home with us.

She was 7 weeks old when we got her. 3 pounds of wiggly puppy that fit in my hand, she grabbed onto my heart and though she's 20 pounds now and quite the mouthy little thing, I love her as if she were my child.

So today I wish my husband a very happy birthday with many more to come and my puppy, Peanut, a belated happy birthday (although she did get her Frosty Paws last week). Thank you both for filling my life with love.


Ann Yost said...

Hi Riley - can't help commenting and wishing your husband a happy birthday because May 28 is my birthday, too! It's funny how birthdays never really lose their significance even when you've had alot of them - as I have. Best wishes to him and to you and to your darling pup.

Rachel Lynne said...

Happy 40th to your husband! I'm approaching the big mark in October and usually it is just another day but this year I was feeling it and was depressed. You are right about why it bothers some; I kept thinking of all the things I hadn't done and all the opportunities I let slip by ... BUT! Now I could care less:) I'm published and my trip to England, while postponed, is closer than I ever thought possible, on top of that, I've lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks and should be back to my optimum weight by my birthday. Trip to England will probably happen next spring or fall and by then I should have another book or two under contract! Life is good :)

Rachel Lynne said...

Oh! And that puppy is soooo cute!

Gale Stanley said...

Happy birthday to hubby and puppy. It's only a number. I think as we get older our empty nest, life experience and appreciation for what we have, enables us to jump in and do some of those things we always wanted to.

Riley Quinn said...

Happy Birthday, Ann! I hope you have many more.

Thanks, Rachel. I think she's pretty cute too. LOL.

I think you're right, Gale. I remember my mom saying she loved when she turned 40 because we kids were almost grown (the youngest was 14) and she could do things without having to worry about us so much.

Maeve said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby and your furry baby! May your lovely family enjoy many more years of health and happiness together. :)

katsrus said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Awww the puppy is adorable.
Sue B

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