Friday, May 14, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Okay, so the request was for something sweet and what better than the famous Black Forest Cake. I had this when I visited Titisee in the Black Forest Region and it was oh so good.

Pastry Ingredients
1 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cup sugar
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps)

1 cup powdered sugar
1 pinch salt
1 can pitted cherries, drained
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp Kirschwasser

1 square semisweet chocolate

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line the bottoms of two 8 inch round pans with parchment paper circles. Sift together flour, cocoa, baking soda and 1 tsp salt. Set aside.

Cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs and beat well. Add vanilla. Add flour mixture, alternating with milk. Beat until combined.

Pour into the prepared pans. Bake for 35 - 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Cool completely.

Remove paper from under the cakes. Cut each layer in half horizontally, making 4 layers total. Sprinkle layers with 1/2 cup Kirschwasser.

In a separate bowl, whip the cream to stiff peaks. Beat in 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 tbsp Kirschwasser. Add powdered sugar and a pinch of salt. Beat again. Spread first layer of cake with 1/3 of the filling. Top with 1/3 of the cherries. Repeat with the remaining layers.

Frost the top and sides of the cake. Sprinkle with chocolate curls made by using a potato peeler on semisweet baking chocolate.

Guten Appetit!

Have a great weekend everybody!


P.L. Parker said...

Could you just bake me one and overnight it? LOL. This looks so yummy.

Celia Yeary said...

I just passed over the recipe, although I did pause at the photo. A quick story about Black Forest Cake.Many years ago I went to Las Vegas with 3 girlfriends. Those were the days when you could get a cheap pkg for airline and four nights. So, we had this idea. Each of take an evening and decide something for all of us to do. And we had to do it. I can't remember what we did on the other 3 nights, but on mine, I made them dress up and go to the new Hilton Casino and hotel. I had found an exquisite small dark resturant. So, we went in, a waiter led us to a linen-covered table set with good crystal and silver. He made each of us wait so he could pull out our high-backed chairs and seat us.Then we looked at the menu. We're four school teachers, you see. We could not afford anything on the menu--not even close--except maybe dessert and coffee. I chose Black Forest Cake for each of us. Each tab came to $22.00 plus tip--and this was in the 80's--they never let me forget that episode of the Black Forest Cake--Celia--from Central Texas

Rachel Lynne said...

LOL @ Celia's comment; sounds like something I'd do :)

That cake looks scrumptious. My daughter has a choir recital at the end of the month and we parents are to bring refreshments for after. I signed up for a fruit tray (since I'm dieting :) but I may just bring this little beauty too!

katsrus said...

My aunt would make this and it was to die for! She would never give out her recipe. LOL. Yum! Now I am hungry.
Sue B

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