Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was the day for general members of RWA to sign up for agent and editor appointments during the national conference in July. There were already two other waves of appointment-making. The first was for Golden Heart and Rita finalists. The second was for PRO members, which means they've completed a full-length novel and submitted to an agent or editor. Then the rest of us.

I had been excited because my top pick agent was going to be there taking appointments. At least before the change of venue. Now, she apparently won't be there. First disappointment. Then I go in to make my appointment. I got in early, hoping to avoid the server delay problems that I hear of every year. No problems there. There is one thing, though. Yeah, all the appointments were snagged by the previous two rounds so there was zilch for us lowly general members.

As you know, I'd been working to get my novel ready to pitch. I was nervous about it, but excited too. No pitching this year unless I skulk around the waiting area hoping to snare a spare minute. Which I may. We'll see.

The good news in all this is that I won't be rushing so much and I can make sure I'm confident that my book is the best it can be before I start querying. And query I will. I've given myself a self-imposed deadline of September 30 to send out queries. If the revisions and edits go faster, I'll definitely do it sooner. And if I don't have an agent by this time next year, I'll be a PRO member and then I can get in early myself.

What about you? Going to the national conference? Got an agent or editor appointment? Who'd you get?


Kat Mancos said...

It happens that way every year, sweetie. Chin up. I got my appt. last year 10 minutes before I met with an editor. I pitched on the fly and was asked for a partial then after she read that, a full. The full is with the pub now. So, you just never know. Skulking is good. I highly recommend it.

Rachel Lynne said...

Sorry Riley :(
But why aren't you a PRO member? I filled out the form right after I submitted Ring of Lies and already have my pin. Now that I've sold it I'm going to submit to RWA so I can have the little thing on the badge that says I've made my first sale.

Ann Yost said...

Angie - I had an agent appt. five years ago due to GH finalist and I was so nervous that I blew it. Here's my experience: send a query. They really do read them. I always get a response even if it isn't the one I want.
Good luck.
Ann Yost
The Wild Rose Press

Kaylea Cross said...

Too bad, Riley. Hopefully something else works out in your favor!
Best of luck :)
Kaylea Cross

Suzanne said...

Aw, sorry to hear that--I think the skulking idea sounds good :-) I don't think I'd be good at pitching because I get too nervous and tongue-tied, but querying has gotten so easy now that most agents accept them via e-mail and respond quickly. Go for it!

Gale Stanley said...

I'm not going to Nationals but I can sympathize. I would definitely try skulking. Good luck!

Calisa said...

So sorry you missed getting an appointment Riley. I'm not PRO, though I qualify, nor am I going to national. But we do still have several openings available here in Oklahoma for June 5th to meet with Charles Griemsman (editor) and Lucienne Diver (agent). Hope you get to pitch that baby soon.

Sayde Grace said...

Ok, so I'm with everyone else, why don't you have your pro status? It's free and you qualify. But never worry, hang out at the bars( I know that sounds terrible) all agents/editors hit the bars and know that by doing so they will be pitched to. Strike up a conversation and go from there. I'll be there, and have appointments with Dorchester and Lucinne Diver. Looking forward to all the madness adn the road trip down there.

Riley Quinn said...

Thanks everyone for your support. As for the PRO status, you have to have completed a work of 40k or more and submitted it. So far, OOTS is the only work that meets that requirement and it's not ready to be sent out yet. My other works are novellas. I think I'm more comfortable querying by email anyway, although should I happen to wander down to the area where the appointments are being held and just happen upon an agent, well, let's just say that I'll be ready.

Shayla Kersten said...

Riley, sorry you didn't get an appointment. But don't give up hope yet! Go to where the editor/agent appts are being held and ask the coordinator if there are any cancellations or openings. A lot of times, they'll keep a list in case of a last minute cancellation. Sometimes, people will finish early leaving a quick spot. And don't forget to have a great elevator pitch. I seen stories pitched and requested in a hallway.

Autumn Shelley said...

Don't worry, you'll make something happen, you always do. I'll even help you skulk if that's what it takes. BTW-Yes, I am going to Nat'l, I believe I'm staying with Y-O-U, but I plan on taking this year to just absorb it all in wide-eyed wonder. No agent appoinments for me! :)
I have to tell you about this amazing friend I have and her mad skills at crocheting or whatever the crap it is that one does to create an afghan. It's AMAZING!!!!! Hang in there kiddo!!

joviangeldeb said...

So sorry you didn't get in. One day I hope to go to a conferance. So far, my health (fighting cancer and cdiff) and finances has prevented me. Bummer. Anyways, hang in there. I know its not the same thing, but whenever I get discouraged for not being able to attend any conferences, I tell myself that some day will be my turn. Take care,

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