Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay, so Spring is playing peek-a-boo here in Bavaria. Yesterday it snowed. Granted, it was just a bit of spitting, and then there was the frozen rain later. This after Thursday and Friday were beautiful and in the 60s. Today is rainy, dreary and cold. It's only supposed to get as high as about 40 or so.

On the bright side, the ground is green as can be and the farmers are getting their fields ready for planting. Raps is a popular crop here, but that's another post. The trees should start greening up soon and then, oh, it's so pretty. We did get our patio furniture, but a picture will have to wait. I tried to take one in the store but the lighting was no good. Once the weather clears up here a bit, hubby will get it put together and I'll post a pic.

If you remember, I mentioned an experiment I was trying – working on my novel during the week and a novella on the weekend. This past week was successful so far. I finished chapter 16 of OOTS, which leaves 4 more chapters to finish the first draft. That was even with having to work 3 days at the part time job. I completed the characterization and plotting of the novella, so when Saturday rolls around, I'll be ready to sling some words down. I've even got the opening sentences in my notes. Speaking of openings, I've come up with a better one for OOTS and even though I don't revise until I've got the first draft, I'm going to sneak it in there so I don't forget.

Today I have a meeting with an attorney to deal with some problems with my landlord so off to work for me. What's your day like? Ready for spring? I know I am.


Rachel Lynne said...

Spring is completely sprung here in Savannah! Everything is blooming or sprouted, I even have tomatoes adn peppers in, though the nights aren't hot enough to make them thrive yet. My landlord is dropping by this morning at 9:00 am (God how uncivilized!) so little got done yesterday on my books; major cleaning after a week with my husband's sister here!
You are making great progress on your wip's. I haven't even opened the file on my full novel. Planned on it after the company left but now I'm working on Ring of Lies' edits ... I'll get there! Now my brother-in-law wants me to be his wedding planner for a wedding that isn't! He's already married now they are going to have two ceremonies and three receptions: imagine that!

GPS said...

It's a gorgeous day in Philadelphia! I'd love to go out for a walk but no fun stuff until I'm done with edits. You're making great Progress!

Mary Ricksen said...

Rainy here in Florida. Relief from the oppressive heat! Get that AC ready the oven is on.
We have had though just great weather since December. I hope we don't get any hurricanes!

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