Thursday, April 15, 2010

College-inspired plot bunny decisions

I remembered another dream this morning. For someone that rarely remembers, this is two within about a week. This one is easier to interpret, however. As you know, I sent my Blood Diamond manuscript to The Wild Rose Press for their Jewels of the Night series that debuts in November. I dreamt that I had received an email from the senior editor in charge of said series to let me know that they thought my story would make a great addition to their line. Psychic dream or wishful thinking? I guess we'll find out soon. I'm hoping for the former.

I started my first college class this week. I needed one more social science credit for my degree plan so I chose something that has always interested me – the study of other religions. My class is a philosophy class called The Introduction to World Religions. It's an online class through the college I attended in Texas, so I can finish my degree with them even though I'm in Germany. It's self-paced with suggested guidelines, but I'm hoping to get ahead of the power curve this month with it. My second class begins in May (the online classes have staggered start dates) so if I can work ahead, it will be less stress next month. At least, that's the plan. There are 11 lessons and I've already completed the first. I plan to complete the second tonight after I'm done writing for the day.

I think it's going to be a great class for me, and that I'll get a lot out of it. Some that I can even use for my writing. Glancing through the book's Table of Contents, I noticed there will be some discussion of mythology of cultures I've never read before. This will give me a start on developing a new series that has been hovering in the back of my mind for a while now. It brings me to another decision, as well. Once I finished OOTS, I'd planned to work on the second book of the series. Now I'm wondering if I should complete the first book of the new series first, and then alternate between them. I've got some time before I have to make this decision since it will be summer before I'm finished revising and such. I just know that reading mythology that is new to me will generate lots of plot bunnies.

Have you ever had two series ideas that you had to choose between? What would you do if you were in my shoes?


Peg said...

I'm always for finishing what is already started and making notes for the next book.

Jeannene Walker said...

I don't have enough time outside of life to work on more than one project at a time, but I know a couple full timers who work on multiple projects simultaneously - Delilah Devlin for one. It can be done if you maintain organization.


Suzanne said...

I optimistically wrote the first book in a series and worked on the second while my agent was shopping it. By the time the second was finished, she was able to sell both with an option for a third but the publisher won't decide till they see how #1 and #2 sell. So I'm jumping back and forth between revisions on the first series and starting a new one. It's tough--for me at least--to jump between two series that have a really different focus. If you're trying to decide between two ideas, I'd say go with the one that most excites you. Or write 500 words on each one and see which one you REALLY want to keep working on!

Rachel Lynne said...

Wow, I envy you that class! I love all that stuff; it's fascinating. You'll have to share ... I see blog posts in your future :)

I don't write with an idea of series so can't help ya there but I'd say stay focused on one until you get at least first drafts down unless you can have your brain in two different worlds at once!

I do have one series idea but I'm finishing my paranormal regency before I start on it. Hmmm, have been thinking about that old series lately though, LOL, I'm no help at all Riley!

Hailey Edwards said...

I'm wondering this very same thing. I read an article about writing three books in a series at once so you stay in that world more easily.

I know once I've finished my current wip, I owe a novella linked to another series. After that, I'd like to write two more in one series or the other and see how that works out. :)

Riley Quinn said...

Lots of great ideas! I can see the point behind the article Hailey mentioned. I imagine it would be easier to continue on in the same series, and easier to keep details consistent.

I can also see a lot more research going into the other series, especially if I'm going to base it on the mythology of a culture I'm not familiar with.

Hmm, maybe I just solved my own dilemma. I can work on my second one in the first series and research the new series idea.

LOL, like I said, OOTS is first priority so I guess I should finish the first one before worrying about the next one, right?

Thanks for all the great advice.

GPS said...

I love learning about religions too. I reviewed a good book for Thomas Nelson. "Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World" by James A. Beverley. It was very comprehensive.
BTW, I think I'd stick with the same series too. And I hope your dream was a good omen.

Maeve said...

I've got little post it notes stuck everywhere and if I'm caught somewhere without my post it's, I'll email myself the idea on my blackberry, so I don't forget. How silly is that?

Mary Ricksen said...

Do what feels best for you. I can only really devote myself to one thing at a time. But many people write multiple stories. It's all in what works for you!

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