Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy Day

So, Tuesday I talked about disconnecting for the day. Today, I'm touting the wonders of technology.

Last fall, hubby got me an iPod Touch for our anniversary. It was a huge surprise because we normally don't exchange gifts, preferring to take a short trip together instead. He knew that I'd wanted one, though. Since then, he's teased me about it being attached to my hand.

It's true that I use it for a lot. When I have wifi, I check my emails. I use the calendar to keep myself straight. I have an ebook reader on it and several other cool applications. Well, this morning, it saved my butt.

I planned to do laundry this morning. I'd tried Monday but the laundromat was full, so no go. This weekend, both days, full. Today was the day because tomorrow I leave for Holland. I was just about to step into the shower when the alarm on my iPod went off. Huh? I couldn't remember having anything else planned.

I checked the screen and it said I had a hair appointment in an hour. What? I could've swore it was next week. Nope. It was today. So, I showered and dressed, had breakfast and then headed to my appointment. Afterwards, I did laundry, had lunch with hubby, picked up the candles for my giveaway, stopped by the post office (mail's running again – yay!) and finally home. Once home, I put away the clothes, emptied the laundry room and finally got to sit down in front of the computer.

Why empty the laundry room, you ask? Well, I'm getting my own washing machine! I found a German washing machine for $220. That is less than half of the full price and it's practically brand new. Now I just need a dryer and I'm all set. I'm very excited about not having to lug everything into post on a regular basis.

Anyway, I'm late posting today because I've been running around. It's 5pm here but it's still morning in the States so I guess I'm okay.

Don't forget that Blogmania is tomorrow. To go in the drawing for my Month of Sundays Relaxation Kit, you need to become a follower by the end of April 30. And I hope you'll stick around afterwards. Next week, I'll be blogging about my trip to Holland. I'm going to lots of great places while there.

I'm going to sit on my patio, enjoy the weather with Peanut and finally relax. Ahh….


Dani Petrone said...

Hi Riley, Fun post. I loved hearing about your day. And, congrats about the washing machine, I can't imagine what I'd do without mine!
Also, the iPod, I looked at one the other day at Best Buy. Won't be getting one yet, still a bit pricey. Your hubby is a doll! What a wonderful surprise.
Can't wait to read about your trip to Holland.

GPS said...

How do you like reading on the itouch? I've been considering a Kindle but I keep putting it off because there are so many other choices now - Nook, Sony...
Can't wait to hear about Holland.

Darla M Sands said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, the iPod touch, and the washing machine! My, my. I like reading good news! I, too, look forward to reading about your experiences in Holland. And while I'm at it, Carly Carson asked me to let you know that I've been picked as the winner of Scarlett Jameson's book giveaway at the Fierce Romance blog. How great! I hope you're having a blessed day.

Mary Ricksen said...

I am looking for a washing machine too. I hope I can find a good deal. You just have to be so careful these days.
You had a great day!

Maeve said...

It sounds like everyday is an adventure around your house. Your posts usually leave me breathless. Whew! I'm glad you can keep up with you! :)

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