Monday, April 19, 2010

Come Monday

I think I had mentioned my experiment – to work on OOTS during the week and a novella idea on the weekends? Well, that's changed a bit. See, a group of us are working through the book, The Weekend Novelist, and I thought this would be a good way to increase productivity. If it worked. Well, a novella isn't big enough. I need an actual novel-length idea to work on. OOTS is the first of a series of 5 and I didn't want to use the second in the series for this workshop as I'm hoping – no, planning – to have the rough draft done by Christmas.

So I'll be working on my urban fantasy mystery for the project, from here on out known as TWN. Wish me luck. We read the introduction this weekend and I skipped ahead a bit to see what's in store for us for the next 2 weekends. It's a different process than I've used in the past, but I'm interested to see how it will work. As for OOTS, I finished chapter 17 last week so that leaves me 3 more chapters to finish the first draft.

On another front, my philosophy class is going well. I finished 3 of the 11 lessons this past week. It's quite interesting. If all goes well this week, I can probably schedule my midterm exam soon. I need about 2 weeks lead time so that should be about right.

Oh, the weather has warmed just a bit. Hubby got the patio furniture put together and we grilled sausages on the grill Saturday night and the neighbors joined us for a nice evening. My blood is still thinner than the Germans, though. After it got dark, I needed a couple of jackets to ward off the chill. The neighbors? Just a light jacket. Anyway, here's a picture of the patio furniture.

How was your weekend?


P.L. Parker said...

I finished a draft manuscript, calling it Into the Savage Dawn. Also working through my edits on another manuscript, vampire story. Worked my tuther end off around the house this weekend. Starting my spring cleaning and then went out and worked in my gardens. I'm tired today, why is that?

Debra St. John said...

Hi Riley,

Good luck with your project. It was nice in the Midwest this past weekend, so I did a lot of outdoor stuff: transplanting, opening the pond, and the hubby mowed the grass. All in all a lovely weekend to be outdoors.

GPS said...

Congrats on the coming release and the Wild Rose Press acceptance!! I can't wait to read them.
I was at the beach this past weekend, still working on edits and reading The Weekend Novelist. But we did have time to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy the good weather. It was great to get the furniture out on the balcony and use it.

Rachel Lynne said...

Pretty patio set! My diet pills kicked in and my metabolism is through the roof: Saturday I mowed the yard, lots of laundry, and detailed my car inside and out! Sunday I walked the dog then detailed my husbands truck:) I'm on the move ... only thing is I find it difficult to sit down and focus on my paranormal regency. I don't think that is so much the pills as all the stuff on my to do list that I haven't done yet. Planning on catching up with you on OOTS and getting Magic and the Marquis done though!

Nara Malone said...

I thought The Weekend Novelist was a great plan for writing. A few years back I did something like that with some friends in an online forum. Good luck with your new project.

Riley Quinn said...

Wow, P.L., sounds like you got a lot done! Can't imagine why you're tired. LOL

Debra, where in the Midwest are you? I'm originally from OH. Sounds like a lovely weekend for you.

Thanks, Gale. I love the beach. How was the weather? I'm sure the water was too cold still. Happy Anniversary. How many years?

Thanks, Rachel. I like it and it's fairly comfortable - when the weather is warm. LOL. Looking forward to Magic and the Marquis.

Nara, do you still use any of the tips you learned? I find that I usually take a little of this, a dash of that - it's kind of like cooking, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

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