Thursday, March 18, 2010

What’s on my mind today

Yesterday was just one of those days. Hubby went in to work late, so he threw off my morning routine. Since I worked the part time job ALL DAY yesterday, the morning is when I would have normally posted on my blog. Yeah, didn't happen. Then I didn't get home until after 7, cooked dinner, tired with no motivation. You get the picture. So I was a bad girl.

I had hoped to have my revisions done and to my critique partners yesterday. Didn't happen. So today, I'm working all day, like a fiend, to finish up. I'll be crafting my synopsis this weekend on a long bus ride. That should keep me busy for a while, right?

I started a hat yesterday. I found the pattern online and worked on it for 2 hours. Almost finished it so since it was slow at work last night and since I do work at a craft store (yeah, not a lot of job opportunities on a foreign military post but the people are great and I get to indulge my hobbies), I finished it up. Here's the picture that the pattern designer posted. My hat is in black wool. Awesome.

I'm so amazed by Facebook and how easy it can be to connect with old friends and colleagues. A friend of mine from over 10 years ago found me on Facebook. So I added her. Then I get a look at her friends. OMG, some of them are people I knew way back when. So I sent a 'Remember me?' to them. How fun.

If I finish today, I'm heading into Bayreuth, a college town and the closest large city to us, to head to the yarn store there. I'll take some pictures and post them. I'm preparing for a trip this weekend. More details on that tomorrow.

So I'll leave you with a poll. I will be posting a new German recipe soon so please vote for your preference. It's on the left at the top. The poll will stay open until midnight PST (if I've figured out the time difference right).

What's on your mind today?


Nancy Lee Badger said...

My husband, who lived on a military base in Weisbaden, Germany in his high school years, would LOVE ME FOREVER if I made really good potato dumplings. I voted for that recipe. Please...make me a Goddess of the kitchen!

GPS said...

I love the hat, Riley. Are you taking orders?
And German potato salad for me - Yum.
I'll look for you on FB.

Becca Dale said...

How exciting and fun to live overseas for a while, and to have a job where I could write or do crafts would be too fun. I would love to be in your shoes. Good luck on edits. BTW the hat is adorable.

Colleen Love said...

I'm a fellow WRP author and saw your post on wrppromo!
Love the hat!! :)
My MIL is Bavarian and I have fallen completely in love with Bavarian food/culture! Please, please, do the potato dumplings! I love making things for myself and find using the boxed variety okay, but would love to learn how to make them homemade! :)
Thank you so much!
Good luck with your edits! :)

Riley Quinn said...

Looks like the dumplings are ahead so far. Don't worry, though. I'll be posting the recipes of the others along the way.

Gale, I can whip one up for you pretty quick if you want one. I need to know what color.

Becca, I am enjoying myself. Not sure how much longer we're going to be here, but I plan to enjoy myself as long as possible.

Oh, a note on the edits. I finished them. At least the first round. LOL

Rachel Lynne said...

Hey Girl! My daughter would love that hat, she has a black one similiar to that and looks so cute in it. Sigh, wish I could say the same for myself ;)
Potato dumplings sound yummy ...
I'm gonna look you up on facebook, do you have an author site or just your real name? I have both but somehow my author friends have floated over to my regular page so I just use it now! If they post something that offends the friends from my former church days, oh well ... LOL
Can't wait until July!

Mary Ricksen said...

Hi Riley, I am hoping that the rest of my manuscript is a hit with my new editor. That's what's on my mind.

Riley Quinn said...

I have both, Rachel. Actually I have two author fan pages, one for each pen name.

Mary, good luck. I'm sure your new editor will love it. Have you already submitted to her? When do you find out?

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