Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andlau, France

After leaving Titisee, we headed to France. We first went to the quaint town of Andlau. 
There we visited an organic winery. Really.

Monsieur Durrman, the owner of the winery, took us on a short walk to see one of his fields of vines. He explained some of the techniques that he employed as an organic vintner. He has planted apple trees among his grape vines to help shade them. Then he collects the apples in the fall and makes a yummy apple juice.

After the short walk up the hill, we went back to his wine cellar for the tasting. We tasted 5 wines – a rosé, a Muscat, 2 different Rieslings and a gewürztraminer. I'm not one for dry wines so while they all tasted fine, it was the gewürztraminer that tickled my taste buds. We ended up buying 6 bottles of it.

During the tasting, we also got to sample a regional treat called kougelhopf. It is a sweet bread, though not too sweet, made with raisins and almonds. Monsieur Durrman uses the same yeast in the kougelhopf as he does his wine. During my time in Alsace, I saw this bread everywhere and knew that I wanted to find the recipe. I even bought 2 different sizes of the twisted bundt-like pan used to bake it.

Arriving home, I learned from my German neighbors that it's popular here as well. So I guess I can buy the middle size pan here, right? I did find a recipe and will be trying it out soon. I'll let you know how it turns out and if right, post the recipe here.

Tomorrow on to Colmar.

Ever had kougelhopf? Interested? What's your favorite type of wine? Like to go wine tasting?



Rachel Lynne said...

Oh YUM YUM, I want some of that bread!! I hate dry wines, I'm teased by my husband that my wines have to taste like cool-aid ;) Not quite by I love Barefoot's Moscata. I would like that G*****whatever you called it, if its sweet. If it smells or tastes like rubbing alcohol I'm not drinking it and no reds; instant headache for me!
You know I'm seriously jealous over this little trip of yours ...:)

GPS said...

I know next to nothing about wine except that I like to drink it. My #1 favorite is white zinfandel. I also like Riunite Lambrusco Emilia. And I always drink my wine with ice in it. I really need to take a trip like this and learn something.

Tiffany Green said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love wine--any kind. And that bread looked sooo good! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Toni Anderson said...

It looks lovely!! The wine is making me thirsty. Where's the corkscrew??

Felicia Holt said...

I have a thing for Alsace wines... I don't really like German Rieslings (they're often to sweet and just taste "cheap"), but Alsatian ones can be lovely. I'm no big fan of gewürtztraminer though - too perfumed for me (though with the right food they magically turn just rich and flavorful). Alsatian Pinot Gris is my favorite go-to in white wines because it goes with everything. My friend and I joke that it's the LBD of wines.

Randomly, Alsace is a weird wine region since you actually name the grapes - usually in France, you let the region speak for itself without mentioning the grapes (like Chablis - you'd never hear it talked of as "chardonnay" while technically it is).

And did you miss out on the tarte flambée?

Carly Carson said...

I don't drink wine, alas. Instant headache followed by instant sleep. But that cake looks yummy. The best thing of all are your photos. I love them! Europe has such cute houses.

Riley Quinn said...

Rach, I think you would like the gewürtztraminer. It's sweet, similar to a moscato. If I don't drink it all before then, I'll bring some to nationals.

Gale, that's the most important part, enjoying the taste. You may have liked the rosé.

Tiffany, the trip was so much fun. Too short but we crammed a lot in over two days.

LOL, Toni. I've got it right here.

Felicia, I did try the the tarte flambée, though we call it flammkuchen. In fact, I loved it so much, I'm making it for dinner on Saturday. I'll probably post pictures and the recipe next week.

Carly, I'm so glad you like the photos. The pics of Colmar (coming soon) are even better.

Eleanor Sullo said...

I love your travelogues, and your visit to the winery brought back some happy memories. We've had a few visits to France, a couple of special ones to Provence, like Chateauneuf-du Pape, and Vaison la Romaine, where the wineries are lush and full of amazing wines. The only problem is carrying them back to the States, so, lucky you to be able to enjoy them where you are. My new wip(after Too Damned HOt) takes place in Provence and I'm certain my heroine will be making the wine loop with her new sweetie pie, a younger French Legionnaire. French wine, a romantic Frenchman, and a loaf of that gorgeous bread...
Oh, what joie de vivre.

Jana Richards said...

My German grandmother used to make a sweet bread something like this, although it didn't have almonds. But it was delicious and reminds me of her. I'd love your recipe!


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