Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The siren call of plot bunnies

I think I'm crazy. Yesterday I posted about finishing my first draft of Blood Diamond and outlined my revision process. Today, I want to chuck it all and start a new project. And not a project I've already written down the bones. No, I want a new and shiny.

Is this a reaction to the hard work that goes into revisions? Maybe, but I've been struggling to stay on board with my blue diamond jewel for a couple of weeks now. Just a couple more, that's all I need. Then I need to get back to Out of the Shadows. It has languished long enough. I need to have it finished before RWA National convention so I can pitch it. I know this. It has to be the next project I work on. I'm halfway through the first draft, for crying out loud.

But those damn plot bunnies.

Yes, those great ideas for stories that multiply faster than rabbits can procreate. They're calling me. Resist, I must resist. Seriously, I think this is my subconscious trying to subvert me again. That ol' fear of failure so don't actually finish the project again. I recognize this. So I resist. I write the bones of these great ideas to ponder another day. Another year, actually, since I have my projects lined out for me for the rest of this year. And I will fight through my fear once again.

So, it's nose to the grindstone, get my revisions done. I can slap a few notes down to appease the plot bunnies. I will have Blood Diamond ready to submit by March 31. I will.

Do the plot bunnies plague you when you are close to finishing? How do you fight them?


Mitzi said...

Too many story ideas and not enough time! I always have new characters and story ideas jumping around in my head as the old one finishes.

Lisa said...

I embrace them, because if I don't at least take notes, they hold out on me later!

Besides, the muse needs the plot bunny or no editing would ever happen!

Bart said...

Oh, yeah! I keep a special folder (open only when writing something in, otherwise DNR!) to drop all those new plots/story ideas/twists/weird situations/brilliant flashes of insight/characters/whatever. Once in a while I indulge myself and open it up and gently touch each and every one. Fantasize about how they will develop into full blown novels, maybe even write a few lines down.

Then I go back to writing.

GPS said...

I'm finishing up my WIP (March 31 deadline too) and already the characters are clamoring for book three and distracting me. I'm saving the ideas and trying to ignore them for now.

Kathy Otten said...

Like Bart, I've heard the best way to handle plot bunnies is to write them down and stick them in a folder. That way you keep your brain from going into overload and it seems to satisfy those characters enough so they stop talking.

Terri said...

Far better that they compete in your brain like hurdlers in the fiction Olympics ... you'll miss those voices when they're gone!

Lynne Roberts said...

I have to agree. Take notes, set them aside and keep working on revision. Like Bart, I keep a file open of just random thoughts. When you're done with your WIP, go back and read what you wrote and then the fun starts. : )

Good luck and congratulations on being so close to the final 'The End'.


Riley Quinn said...

Looks like most of you combat those bunnies by taking notes. I started doing this last year and am thankful I did. I have several stories that I started before that I read them now and have no idea where I was going with them.

Thanks for your sharing your advice, everyone!

Kaycee Kacer said...

Whenever revisions come around so do my plot bunnies. I like the process of writing new, I HATE revisions. I however worked out a plan that seems to be working for me. For every chapter I revise, I get to work on my new plot bunny idea for 30 minutes. It keeps the bunnies at may and happy and it entices me to finish those dang revisions of TCAT

Mary Ricksen said...

Good luck and I hear them!!

You go girl!!
Mary Ricksen

Jana Richards said...

I agree with the general concensus about plot bunnies. When they strike, write down some notes in a file, and then go back to your WIP. Sometimes I even go so far as to write an opening scene. Taking a few notes usually satisfies my urge for shiny and new.


Calisa said...

Unfortunately, I don't always have the reserve to file and forget plot bunnies. I try, fight them, but on occasion- they win. The wip I'm working on right now was a plot bunny this time last year as I had finished the first draft of another ms. I gave it a chapter and then put it away. Now- I haven't gotten the 'other' one edited and I'm giving the plot bunny its way... Not all bad, however. I submitted it in a contest to force myself to complete and edit by May so I can pitch it! Ha! If it makes demands on me, it MUST pay the consequences! Muwahahahaha

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