Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m back

I mentioned Friday that I was taking a trip to the Black Forest region of Germany and then on to Colmar, France. It was a quick trip jam-packed with interesting sites and information, not to mention shopping and food. So this week I will be blogging about my trip.

First things first, though. My goals for last week. I missed blogging on Wednesday. Bad on me. I did finish the revisions for Blood Diamond and sent it out to four critique partners. I'm now back to working on Out of the Shadows. My goal is to have it finished and polished before the RWA National Convention in Nashville. I have to have something to pitch to the agents there, right? This week I will continue blogging and complete 15 pages.

Okay, now on to Titisee, Germany. Once just an agricultural area, it has become a health resort. The mineral spas here and around the Black Forest region boast wonderful healing properties. Alas, I was unable to test the spas for myself this weekend but I plan to return this summer. 
There is a lake whose water is dammed up by glacial moraines. It's the largest natural lake in the Black Forest at 2 kilometers long and 700 meters wide. It's all frozen over this time of year, and I can't wait to see it in the summer with all the green trees surrounding it.

The Black Forest region is well-known for its cuckoo clocks. Hand carved works of art and contrary to the common depiction of annoying birds announcing the hours (though available if desired), they have beautiful music and dancing couples, along with scenes of German life.

Another must-have is the Black Forest bacon. It's smoked according to Black Forest tradition, although I'm not sure what that tradition is. It can be served either hot or cold, but oh, is it yummy. Of course we had to bring a hunk home.

Last but not least, what would a trip to the Black Forest be without having some Black Forest cake? Yes, they really do serve it there and it's a bit different than the American version served in the States. I think I've mentioned before how the Germans love their schnapps. Well, they even add it to their desserts. Seriously. The layer of cherries contains quite a bit, but I even tasted it in the actual chocolate cake layer. It carries a bite, but it is oh so good. I'm going to try to find an authentic recipe (gotta check with the neighbors) and make it.
So, this is a quick overview of my time in Titisee. Unfortunately, it was a quick trip but as I said, I plan to return and try out those spas.

Have you ever tried the bacon or the cake? Care to try to the German version?


GPS said...

The pictures are beautiful. It's a shame you didn't have more time. BTW, I've had Black Forest cake - it's one of my favorites.

DawnB said...

Those clocks are amazing. Beautiful pics. It must have been a lovely trip.

Eleanor Sullo said...

Hi Angela, I loved your mini travelogue. And the crafts and food of an area, as well as the scenery always fascinate me. We've been to Bavaria--Munich, Oberamergau, etc.--but not the Black Forest. Do send on the cake recipe if you get one.
In Moonakers, my first published romance (a paranormal at Wings ePress) I included a recipe for English trifle at the end of the book, and
meant to do so always, but unfortunately,when going through the final edits of a book, totally forgot the food. Too bad, because food always plays a big part in my stories, like the hero-Mexican chef's hot chilies in all forms in Too Damned Hot, my March TWRP release.
I'll be watching for your cake recipe!

Rachel Lynne said...

Oh yum, I want to try the aunthentic Black Forest Cake, I've had the sugary American version but that sounds much better! There is a place in Iowa of all places, that has a museum devoted to Cuckoo clocks. Amazing works of art!

Nancy Lee Badger said...

Yum! Black Forest cake is fantastic! We own a large all-wood clock my in-laws picked up in the Black Hills in the '60's. A pendulum, no coukoos, thank goodness. It is now a family heirloom. Such craftsmenship.

Riley Quinn said...

I'll definitely pass on the recipe if once I get it. I'm glad you all enjoyed my impressions of Titisee. Stayed tuned for France.

Cate Masters said...

Gorgeous scenery. My inlaws collected cuckoo clocks like those - their house filled with chimes every hour.
Yum, Black Forest cake... :)

Mary Ricksen said...

My heart be still. They sound delicious. We used to have a clock like that as kids. Wonder what happened to it?

Debra St. John said...

The cake looks yummy. I've never tried the traditional version.

Mima said...

good luck on your writing. i think travel is always rejuvenating for writing. the pics are awesome. thanks for sharing.

Jana Richards said...

I'd love to try an authentic recipe for Black Forest Cake. It's my husband's favorite.


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