Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surprise Gifts

I'm back after two days of technical difficulties kept me from posting. From anything on the web, actually. Sorry to disappear.

Monday I had to go into the part time job for a few hours. While there, I got to talking (who me?) to one of my co-workers. She told me that her husband had gotten her a Kindle for their anniversary and how much of a surprise it had been. She'd been expecting something else and I think the fact that he was able to completely surprise her pleased her as much as the gift itself.

I had a similar experience. My husband and I don't usually exchange anniversary gifts. Instead, we try to take a trip. Not only did we take the trip, but he also surprised me with an iPod Touch. I'd wanted one for a while but hadn't gotten around to getting it. Surprise number one.

He did it again for Valentine's Day. Hubby has never really celebrated this holiday and in fact, shows his love for me throughout the year in other ways. This year, however, I received a lovely Citizen watch. It's gorgeous and, according to one of my friends, so totally me.

Gifts are nice. I love getting them but I think when the man (or woman) in your life really puts some deep thought into what would make you happy and then goes to lengths to surprise you, that is the better gift.

Have any of your significant others surprised you? What's your favorite gift?


P.L. Parker said...

My husband is such a sweetie, he never forgets any dates of importance, sometimes his "gifts" stretch the imagination, but he always tries - like the sixe medium "men's" sweatpants that he bought because they were better quality than women's sweats (I'm 5'2") - hee hee - I waited for a few days, took them back for a matching color in women's and he was never the wiser. This is just one of many.

Rachel Lynne said...

My husband only relly surprised me once. When we married(five days before Christmas) I didn't get a wedding band just the diamond though I saw the band I wanted. It was a wrap that slipped around the center stone and had more little diamonds and four colored stones. I wore his plain gold band with my ring for years
About seven years and one child later he surprised me on our anniversary by giving me my wrap band. I wasn't expecting it and it brought tears to my eyes.

Another time my co-workers surprised me. I was with another guy then and we were poor. Actually, I made good money but he didn't and like an idiot I used all my money to pay for his truck payment (yeah, I was stupid like that) anyway, I was talking to my friends at work over lunch one day and I mentioned how much I missed buying books. We talked about favorite authors, etc. and I thought that was the end of it. A few days later, for my birthday they surprised me with a stack of paperbacks, all my favorite authors! I was so touched :)
I love it when people really think about what you would like ...

Mary Ricksen said...

My husbands thoughtful gifts can be counted on one hand. He makes up for it by fixing my 25 year old washer. Hey wait, I would rather have a new one!
He makes me laugh instead.

Poseidon said...

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Riley Quinn said...

Nice stories. Thanks for sharing.

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