Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Nancy Lennea

Today I'm interviewing debut romance author, Nancy Lennea. Her book Secret Love Match is a contemporary romance and was recently released by Red Rose Publishing.

Book Blurb

Rebecca Delacourt has played and taught tennis for the last three years. At twenty-one, she knows what she wants. Without help from her wealthy parents, she buys a condo in Glen Cove, NY and plans to be on the Olympic Tennis team. She has no time for men, marriage, or children. Her mother gave up her acting career when she became pregnant with older sister, Laney, whose illegitimate son is mute due to recent emotional trauma. Rebecca still manages to squeak out some time for her charity work for breast cancer research in Baltimore every year.

Taylor, a former TV actor, notices Becka. She knows him - she's dreamed of his TV persona for years. They meet at her parents' country club. He thinks he's found gold in the athletic blonde. After beating him at tennis, he meets her parents. Too bad he knows them - a former co-star and the man helping get him auditions.

Her sister moves in, thwarting any privacy. She's hiding out and is attacked. Taylor finds himself falling for Becka. Will he change his arrogant ways, save her nephew from kidnappers, and realize she's the one? Becka wonders if dreams can still be reached with someone beside her. Will they reach their dreams together?

Describe the genre of this particular title, and is this the only genre you write in?
This book is set in present day New York City, Long Island, and Baltimore. I grew up in Huntington, Long Island so the setting was easy. Before moving to North Carolina, I attended college, married, and raised a family in New Hampshire. My next Red Rose published work takes place there. I also write Scottish historical paranormals as Nancy Lee Badger.

When did you start writing towards publication?
Funny you should ask. Since we celebrate our nation's birthday this week, and I am from a patriotic family, I am proud to explain. In October 2006 my son, Eric, returned safely from a tour of duty in Iraq with his U.S. Army battalion based in Darmstadt, Germany. Hubby and I drove down and picked him up at the Raleigh, NC airport where my extended family waited with hugs. Then we drove to our home in New Hampshire. We also spent a day visiting Eric's older brother, Rob, in Vermont. The whole time I sat in the back seat, scribbling. I finished the book in a month. It was like the floodgates of stress opened wide and all this pent-up creativity escaped.

Why have you become a published author?
That's a tough one. I have always loved to read and I guessed I figured I could do it too. When I set my mind on something, watch out! I have only had four professions since getting my first job when I was seventeen. Before that, I volunteered at the hospital. I have worked in a retail discount big box store, then did over twenty years at a hardware store, and ended my outside the home jobs as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. I have also been big on volunteering: Hospital Auxiliary, Cub Scout Den Leader, Highland Games Volunteer, EMT and firefighter for a small town squad. Writing is all together different. Just me and the laptop; nobody waiting for their change, or a truck to unload, or helping someone do CPR on a loved one.

Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?
Well, it isn't the money. I would have to say it is the friendships and professional contacts that make me look forward to checking my emails and going to workshops and conferences. Writing can be a solitary vocation, so I look forward to monthly meetings of my local Romance Book Club here in Raleigh. I am Vice President of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. Meeting other writers in person is so important. Blogs, Yahoo loop groups, Facebook and other internet options also help.

Are you a member of any writing organizations and if so, have they helped?
My previous answer says it all about how I feel writer groups work to aid me in being a better writer. Besides RWA and the local chapter, I am a member of Celtic Heart Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Writers, and Sisters in Crime.

What are you working on next?
I have just released a Scottish historical paranormal as Nancy Lee Badger. Dragon's Curse is my first attempt at a novella and it sold quite quickly to Whispers Publishing. Check out my website for excerpts and more information. Red Rose Publishing, as I mentioned, bought another book that I hope will be released later this year. It's a romantic suspense. I have a full-length Scottish time travel nearing completion and just started working on a present day paranormal which takes place at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh.

Nodding, she rose up on her toes and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. Her mouth forced a smile as she stepped away, reveling in the pleasure of touching Taylor. This is an omen.

Her body had felt numb for days, ever since the taxi drivers' out-of-the-blue attack. Her tranquil life disappeared that day, replaced with a numbing truth. Jamie is a target.

However, Taylor would make everything better. The handsome man standing next to her in the elevator uncrossed his arms and surrounded her with warmth straight from one of her dreams. Dizziness swept across her brow, but she managed to relax amid the comforting tenderness of the man she loved. He vibrated with raw power in the small elevator, poised to race down busy New York City streets in order to find a sweet boy who didn’t sense danger.

She closed her eyes. Absorbing the pleasure of his closeness, she inhaled his scent. The sizzling aroma of sweat, mixed with lime aftershave, made her clasp him, tighter. She could care less about the elevator’s cameras. So what if the doors would open any minute. She lifted her face and accepted his kiss. The floor indicator pinged.

“Later. You and me, alone,” he demanded. “I can’t stand being close to you like this without taking you.”

She nodded, but why did he suddenly sound angry? “I can’t stand being unable to make love to you, either. We are always interrupted.”

He chuckled and loosened his grip around her. She did not want him to release her from their comforting circle. A smile twitched across her face as the elevator doors slid open. The last person she expected to see appeared before their eyes.

You can find more information about Nancy Lennea and her book, Secret Love Match, by visiting her publisher's buy link.

Read excerpts on her website.
Visit her blog.
View her book trailer.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Nancy. Have a great weekend everyone!


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