Monday, July 26, 2010

Conference Bound

I know, I've been a bad girl. Last week was crazy and this week will be even crazier.

Tuesday I had to go to work early to teach a kids' crochet class and then had to work the rest of the day. Once done, I raced home to get my stuff together and then on the road to Frankfurt. No internet at the hotel.

Wednesday I flew to the States. Got stuck in Newark for over 6 hours but finally made it into Dayton for my mom to pick me up about midnight.

The next few days were family whirlwinds and I wasn't online much. I finally got to meet my new niece and nephew though. My SIL had twins in January and they are 6 months old now. So adorable. I'm wondering if she and my brother will notice if I smuggle one or both into my suitcase when it's time to come home.

Today I'm back in the air. Actually, I'm sitting in the Orlando airport right now waiting on my friend as my plane just landed. We're going to the RWA National conference. This is my second and my friend's first. It's going to be so much fun. I can hardly wait.

I most likely won't be posting anymore this week and next week I'll be on the road with my mom and won't have internet so next week is a bust too. But when I come back, I should be full of fun stories, great pics and *fingers crossed* good news.

So please stick around during my hiatus. Have a great two weeks!


Rachel Lynne said...

See you Thursday! Tell Shelly I said hi :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Riley! Love the new look! Totally fabulous header. So enjoyed seeing you at the National Conference. Denise

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