Thursday, July 8, 2010

Germany is finished

So sad, but Germany's bid for the World Cup this year is over. Last night they played Spain.

We got together with the same bunch of folks as before. As vocal and excitable as they were about the goals, they let the players and refs know when they weren't doing as well.

I don't know much about soccer. It was not a popular sport as I was growing up and no one that I've ever hung out with before was big into it. But last night, the boys just didn't seem to be playing as well as they had played the last time I watched them. They did make Spain work for that one goal though, so they didn't do too badly.

Germany does play one more game. On Saturday, they'll be playing Uruguay to determine third place. Then on Sunday, The Netherlands and Spain will duke it out to see who's taking home the World Cup.

It should be pretty interesting. I'm not sure if the neighbors will gather to watch the two final games or not. I imagine they will, but we'll see.

Are you a soccer fan? Out of the two contenders, who are you rooting for?


LaVerne Clark said...

Hi Angie

Being from New Zealand, we were out of the cup a couple of weeks ago, but were so proud of how amazingly well the boys did. We were unbeaten throughout, when we were expected to get thrashed, so the fans here are pretty happy. I'm not a huge soccer fan either but did find myself getting caught up in it all : )
I'd like to see the underdogs win - I'm a sucker when someone overcomes the odds!Go Netherlands!
By the way - have you heard about the squid (yes - Squid!) here in New Zealand (I think its NZ) that has a 100 percent record in picking the winning team in each World Cup game?

Ľubaša said...

I am sad too. I really sensed Germans as the most productive and best playing football team at this WC. Our (Slovak) team participated in the cup for the first time on our history and our guys have got to eight finals what is HUGE success. We lost our final match with Netherlands which can be winner finally. But I really crossed my fingers for Germans. Now I wish the final positions would be: 1. Netherlands, 2. Spain, 3. Germany and 4. Uruguay. (but who knows? maybe only germans octopus.:-)
Just as I am european I am very happy that 3 teams from EU will fight for medals.

Riley Quinn said...

LaVerne, there is an octopus in the States that does the same thing. And so far, it's been right!

Lubasa, your guys did great, especially with this being their first WC. We'll find out this weekend how everyone does.

I think I'm with you both. I'd like to see the Netherlands win.

Thanks for stopping by.

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