Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep Going

So who made resolutions to lose weight or exercise more? We’re almost 2 weeks into January. Still sticking with it?

Motivation can sometimes be hard to find, to keep up. What do we do when our gas tanks are on low? We go in for fill-up. We can do the same thing with our motivation.

How do we recharge our motivation? There are several ways that help me.

One is being accountable. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, like go to Sculpt & Burn class, I feel that I need a really good reason to not follow through. “Didn’t feel like it” isn’t one. While not particularly motivation, it does help keep me on track.

Two is rewarding myself. I mentioned a while back about a reward plan. If I stay on track and hit my goals, I’ll gift myself with a new CD or book. If I’ve hit a particularly big goal, there are weekend jaunts all over Europe. Spa treatments are good. Yeah, I don’t have any trouble coming up with rewards and that helps me stay the course.

Three is a strong support system. It’s awesome when you can turn to someone when you’re feeling low and they remind you how far you’ve come and that they’re proud of you. I don’t know about you, but that really makes me want to keep going.

Today is my first day back to the gym after vacation. I’ve got a little ground to make up, but I’m confident that I’ll do it. Then I’ll kick it up a notch. I think I mentioned a running club? That should be starting soon. We’ll be training for a half marathon in Prague for the spring. In addition to that, I’ll be adding weight training to my regimen come February.

I’ve got big plans. I’ve got a support system in place. I’ve got goals. I’ve got motivation. I’m ready for the new year and all the changes it’s going to bring.

How about you?


Calisa Lewis said...

Great new blog look Riley. I think I missed that along the way.

As for resolutions- I don't make them. I figure, why torment myself with doomed failure? lol But I do make goals. This year most of mine are long term, big picture goals. Finish a certain number of mss and novella's and such. One silent goal I have is to get into a gym. With arthritis its hard for me to find a workout that helps with the least pain, but no exercise makes me hurt more. I plan to ride my horse more and find a weight class to keep my muscles toned.

Fingers crossed you keep you goals on track.

Judy said...

Motivation (aka reward), accountability, and a strong support system are oh so important! Thanks for reminding us!

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