Thursday, August 12, 2010

There will be singing

There was a lot of singing going on at National.

National kicked off on Wednesday night with the literacy signing. This is a big event where the general public is invited in and everyone buys books from their favorite author and gets them signed right there. Before heading to the literacy signing, we stopped off at the goody room.

The goody room is the room designated for authors to put their bookmarks, samples, books they're giving away, etc. It changes all the time so we usually make several trips during the course of the week.

What a surprise we got when we walked in. It's fairly empty and there is the lovely Maggie Shayne, signing the books she's leaving there in the goody room. That was a bonus in itself. Then the singing started.

While Maggie was signing my book, I noticed her ring. I commented on it and she flashed me a tattoo. We talked for a minute, discovering we had some things in common. She started singing and I knew the song so I sang along. Autumn joined in and it was a lot of fun.

After we left the goody room, I commented to Autumn that we should have gotten our picture taken with Maggie. So, during the literacy signing, we found her again to get pics. Again, we burst out in song and the people standing nearby applauded our efforts.

Later that night, we joined the Romance Divas for karaoke at the Kimonos restaurant. Autumn and I got up there twice, singing I Love Rock 'n Roll and Walk Like an Egyptian. 80's moment, anyone?

We were able to coerce Denise Golinowski up there and she was great!

I met Denise through Roses Colored Glasses and we've become writer pals. She's a regular commenter here. We met face to face for the first time that night and let me tell you, she's great!

It's been so wonderful to be able to put faces to those I've been meeting online.

The literacy signing was packed. There was a good response from the public and I haven't heard yet how much money was raised but I did my part, totally spending more than I'd planned.

Do you like to sing? Like karaoke? Do anything crazy (fun-crazy, not stalker-crazy) when meeting one of your fave authors?


Carly Carson said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I heard all about your singing at karaoke, RD I think. Good times.

Autumn Shelley said...

Glad you made it back to Germany my little haus frau!!! Just so everone knows..I had to travel over 1500 miles from home before I was brave enough to try karaoke for the first time, that way I didn't have to be completely embarrassed around a town full of people I know! ha!
It was great to sing with Maggie though and I truly can't wait for my next trip to National!!!!

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