Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday’s Here

I had hoped to finish When Blood Calls in time to post my review today, but it didn't happen. So Monday for sure, come check out what I have to say. What I will say now is, it's full of high tension and high stakes. JK Beck will be here 3 weeks from today on Sept. 10 to visit with us and I'll be giving away copies of When Blood Calls to 2 lucky commenters.

So what shall we talk about instead? I was all set to post about my trials at work. In fact, I had it all typed out. Then I deleted it. Who wants to hear me whining? Certainly not me. I'm in the final week of my two week notice and though the atmosphere has become decidedly hostile, I've only got 3 more shifts.

I choose to talk about writing today. I'm about ready to send my first three chapters off to my critique partners, probably later today. I'm so glad that I took an extra pass over them before sending them off for the partial request I got at conference. I added a couple more elements that make the story stronger and I think my chapters are a lot tighter. I have two more scenes that I want to rewrite and then they're off.

I've also started the characterization process for something new. I've still got work to do on Out of the Shadows, but I'm going to divide my time between them. I need some creative outlet, some new words to throw down to keep me pushing through my edits. I know, sounds crazy, but there you go.

So this weekend, I'm going to spend my time working, but I will take a break on Sunday for a few hours. I've been invited up to the neighbor's for lunch and I'm sure it will be delicious. And of course, Peanut will get her dumpling.

What have you been working on? What are your plans for the weekend?


LaVerne Clark said...

Pushing through edits - that's a fantastic way of describing the hard slog : )
I've just received my first ever - and at first I was quite daunted and scared, sure I wasn't capable, then I took a deep breath and am doing it bit by bit. And you know what? It's not as bad as I thought! : )
I like your idea of splitting your time on other writing activities though. Makes sense.
My plans for this weekend get the house ready for my mother's visit. She's flying down for my birthday as hubby will be away for work and I'd sulk if there was no-one here to spoil me! : )

P.L. Parker said...

Oh the edit jungle - overwhelming at times. I often wonder if the story was better before or after. LOL.

This weekend, Mom's birthday and we're all getting together to celebrate. Other than that, relaxing I hope. Although hubby wants to go to the Western Idaho Fair. Might check it out.

Suzanne said...

I just finished a long slog through edits (well, "finished" being relative), so I hope to NOT edit this weekend. I hope to work on a new website, catch up on all the TV shows I've DVR'd, and play with my dogs!

Gale Stanley said...

I'm waiting on edits and really wanted to get some writing in but I've been busy with promo all am. Two blogs and a website. What was I thinking lol
Oh well, it's a necessary evil.

Nancy Lennea said...

My husband is ELSEWHERE so I have leisure time to myself. I'm going out to lunch with my sisters, then back here to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! My editor at Red Rose Publishing is waiting for edits on my book, DESTINY'S MOUNTAIN that will be released September 30th, I have another manuscript I need to polish then submit, and the house needs cleaning. A lot of cleaning. Ugh!

Rachel Lynne said...

You're making great progress, Riley! Wish I was ... but, I am about finished with back to school stuff and even managed to pull up and print the plot for Broken Chords so, hopefully, I'll be opening up a new document tomorrow am and writing a first chapter. Setting a goal for myself of 1600-1700 words per day; here's to hoping!

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