Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Mish Mash

After the tirade of yesterday, I thought something fun was in order for today.

Delilah Devlin (check out her link to the left) nominated me for a prolific blogger award. Now it's my turn to nominate seven more. I'll be posting those lucky seven on Monday.

My friend, Bria, is having a Romance Yard Sale. She and her yard sale partner, MG, have some great stuff. T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, tote bags, etc. All with catchy phrases that will really resonate with writers (or editors). Phrases like – "I'm not crazy, I'm just plotting" or "what came first? The writing or the drinking?" Very cute stuff. Here's a link to her blog post. At the bottom of the post is a link to the goodies. Check it out. Buy something.

Sarah, from my Outreach RWA chapter posted this link to the loop. I thought it was fun so I'm putting it here for all of you too. It's inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine, it uses a simplified algorithm to predict the gender of an author. I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the word 'algorithm', I always think of Charlie on Numb3rs. Check it out. See if it predicts your gender. It got mine by a lot.

One of the Romance Divas posted a link earlier this week about How to Suck at Facebook. I checked it out and thought it was hilarious. This guy is really funny and you can spend hours at his sight reading all his comics. Here's How Twilight Works. So funny. Check it out.

That's it for today. Let me know if you check out any of this links and what you think about them. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Rachel Lynne said...

Alright Riley, I wasted about ten minutes trying to trick the Gender Genie!! The first blog I posted it got right, the second blog post I used it said I was male, then I put Ring of Lies in and it was 932 to 349 for female!
Cute gadget, I'll stop by the romance yard sale later, I love to shop!

Nancy Lee Badger said...

What denotes 'a prolific blogger'? I try to add things when I have a moment to spare. my POSITIVE QUOTE OF THE WEEK is a constant favorite on I have started a series called SO YOU WANT TO WRITE which I am using to let new writers know how my own trials and tribulations could have gone easier if I knew where to look for info on this business. Your blog, especially the stories about Germany, are fun and informative. Hubby lived in Weisbaden for 4 years and we want to go back someday. Research anyone?

Anonymous said...

awww Riley - Thanks for including our Fund Raiser! We're really hoping to get to nationals...or at least hear some great stories in the contest while we try!


Mary Ricksen said...

I will check out all the links. Have a good one Riley!

Riley Quinn said...

LOL, Rachel. I tried to trick it too! It's interesting though.

Nancy, I think if you blog more than several times a week, you're considered prolific. I know Rachel and Delilah blog every day. I've been pretty good about blogging Monday through Friday. I've stopped by your blog when I see you've updated it. You've got some good information there. I'm glad you enjoy reading mine.

No problem, Bria. It's good stuff. And if you make it to Nashville, first round is on me.

Please do, Mary. There's some fun and funny things but make sure you have time to enjoy. Time will slip away before you know it.

Felicia Holt said...

I need to check out Bria's stuff. I saw some of the t-shirt ideas a while back and they looked great. And if we all meet up in Nashville, second round is on me!

You deserve the award. You're a very prolific blogger. You're my inspiration. In fact, I might have to write a little something about the Gender Genie asap.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

I love the Gender Genie and am going to check out Bria's yard sale. Thanks for sharing such fun links!

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